Open a School

“School Choice is essentially a way the government can allow educational tax dollars to be used to enable parents to choose whatever education option they feel is best for their kids. It breaks the cycle of forcing families to send their kids to floundering public schools because of where they live.”—American Center for Law and Justice, Jordan Sekulow

“The wind is at our backs and the teachers unions have overplayed their hand. And at this point, they’re actively destroying their own empire by inserting political nonsense into the classroom, and by pushing and lobbying the CDC to keep the schools closed for so long, parents have woken up, they’re pushing back.”—American Federation for Children, Corey DeAngelis

“An Education Savings Account program offering parents and students education assistance payments that can be directed to public and private schools, including ‘sectarian’ schools, and that offers parents and students a genuine and independent choice to select a private religious school does not violate the Establishment Clause.”—Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton

“In response to the growing need for more school choices, we freely offer all our resources to churches and non-profits.  The website is made available to prepare churches to open private Christian schools at an accelerated rate.”—Christ Centered Homes, Mark Hill

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