Leadership Academy

Vision Statement:

It is our vision to evangelize, disciple, and multiply.

Mission Statement:

It is our mission to educate, train, and mentor youth so that they will have the skills necessary to be effective leaders in their families, churches, and communities.

Student Application Process:

It is our desire to recruit youth in public school, private school, home-school, no-school, and those that have already graduated to participate. When classrooms reach their capacity, then the older youth, will get preference as they are closer to entering the work force.  All youth are invited to attend with no respect to their gender, religious preference, cultural status, or economic backgrounds. 


The Leadership Diploma program is free to youth.  Diplomas are earned after completing all 12 leadership modules, course application exercises, and field supervision by mentors.  If youth miss a module, they will have the opportunity to make it up. After graduation, students will be able to add the diplomas to applications and resumes resulting in a higher possibility of employment.

The 12 Modules:

Youth will receive the Leadership Academy Diploma upon the successful completion of its 12 Modules.

Module 1:  Leadership Defined

1.  How to be an Effective Leader

2.  12 Traits of an Effective Leader

Module 2:  Who am I?

1.  Who Am I?

2. Who Am I as a Male or Female?

3. Who Am I in Christ?

4. Who Am I in My Family?

5. Who Am I in My Community?

Module 3: Self-Assessments

1.  The Spirit Assessment

2.  The Soul (Vocational) Assessment

3. The Body Assessment

4. The Life Assessment

Module 4:  Communication

1.  Verbal Communication

2.  Body Language Skills

Module 5:  Self Improvement Skills

1.  Personal Hygiene

2.  Dressing for Success

3.  Self-Discipline

4.  Ethical Behavior

5. Time Management

Module 6:  Team Building

1.  Teamwork and Encouragement

2. Positions and Boundaries

Module 7:  Career Choices

1.  Vocational Choices

2.  Introduction to Local Employers

Module 8:  Job Skills Training

1.  Obtaining Skills

2.  Trade or Technical Schools

3. Job Safety and Responsibility

Module 9:  Application Process

1.  How to fill out an Application for Employment

2. How to write a Resume

3. Interview Techniques

Module 10:  Finances and Budgets

1.  Understanding Credit vs. Debit

2. Balancing an Account

3. Budgeting and Planning

Module 11:  Social Media

1.  Proper Use of a Cell Phone                  

2.  Proper Use of Social Media

3.  Damaging Effects on Body, Soul, and Spirit                  

4.  Employer Rules for Social Media

Module 12:  Volunteerism

1.  The Need to Volunteer                  

2.  Discovering Places to Volunteer

Contact Information:

The Leadership Academy

702 Holly St. Box 777

Atlanta, TX 75551

Phone:  903-796-5378; Fax:  903-405-4071

Website:  LeadershipAcademy.info

Email:  info@christcentered.info

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