1. Set up Administration

“The following information is freely provided to help speed up the process churches would have to go through in order to get their private schools up and running as quickly as possible. This information is made available by Christ Centered Homes, Inc. dba Champions Christian Academy. This website SchoolChoice.church is also one of our domains”.—Dr. Mark D. Hill, CEO-Pastor, Dr. Beth Hill, Superintendent

A. Create your Website- Go to a search engine and type “web hosting”. You will see a number of different businesses to host your site. Once you have your host you should have a blank WordPress site to begin working. Next, choose a theme and download it into your WordPress site. Then you will follow the instructions that comes with your theme to make it your own. If you need further help there are many video tutorials and here is an article from WordPress to guide you: Get Started with WordPress

B. Create your own School Policies- You may download the following forms and policies and use as a template to create your own at Champions Christian Academy: Admission Packet, Calendar, Student and Parent Handbook, School Safety Policies, Medication Orders, Medication Orders-Self Administration, and Scholarship Commitment Letter.

C. Create your Payment Portal- If you desire, you will need to set up a way for parents or guardians to make payments. There are many options. Here is a link to see how we have set ours up: Tuition Payment